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China to send fake terrorists in army uniforms for future incursions

07, Aug 2013 By indianpsycho

Beijing, China. After realizing that the Indian authorities give clean chit to a nation if it claims that their army uniforms were misused, China has decided to infiltrate Ladakh region with a fresh approach.

They have decided to create fake terrorists and send them in army uniforms to ward off resistance, if any, their Indian counterparts may have to offer.

Chinese Army
Neighboring nations are planning to play ‘spot the terrorists’ game with India after Pakistan successfully played and won the inaugural game.

“Since we as a country do not have natural talent pool of terrorists at our disposal like Pakistan, we have decided to do what we are best at. Fake it if you can’t make it,” a PLA (Chinese army) source confirmed the development.

These fake terrorists will be wearing Chinese army uniforms and intrude into Jammu & Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh whenever they feel bored. China believes that the step will normalize Sino-Indian relations.

“Not that we faced much trouble over earlier incursions, but the government of India requested us to go slow. They wanted the incursions to be ‘diplomatic’ and friendly,” Ghus Li, spokesman of the Chinese army told Faking News.

Chinese sources claim that the incursions through terrorists in army uniforms was a very “diplomatic” and Indian government will welcome the move, apart from giving them clean chits.

“We can surely do at least this much for a nation that has been so hospitable to us so far,” Ghus Li said.