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College students outraged after management fails to serve snacks during a valedictory address

15, May 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Bhopal: In a sensational incident, students of a reputed engineering college raised a vehement hue and cry after the management forgot to serve snacks at the end of a college secretary’s valedictory address.

After hearing about this incident, Faking News team reached the campus immediately and listened to the woes of grief stricken students.

Our team spoke to the student leader Aadarsh Kumar and here’s what he had to say about the incident.

“Outrage due to snack denial.”

“We have such functions during every semester where a mandatory presence is enforced by our dean. Any signs of absence would generally lead to a minimum punishment of 5 negative marks in the internal exams or even deliberate delays in issuing hall tickets for semester exams. The best thing about these boring lectures is always the yummy snacks at the end, which were missing this time! Of what use can a lecture be if it doesn’t end well? Let me add the hashtag: #AllsWellThatEndsWell”, lamented an upset Aadarsh as he threw an arbit rock towards a distant volleyball court.

One of the students, Bahadur Kumar even went on to ask a priceless question, “Why no snacks were provided this time around?” during the Q & A session that shocked the speaker. It is believed to be the only question asked during the entire Q & A session before the ruckus started.

As per witnesses, the chairs hired from a local tent house were damaged beyond repair in the hullabaloo that occurred after speech. It is believed that students have already started thinking about sources of money to pay the inevitable fine.