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Committed to improving relations with India, will marry an Indian woman next: Imran Khan

27, Jul 2018 By @jurnoleast

A day after claiming victory in elections, Imran Khan said that he was committed to improving relations with India and hinted at marrying an Indian woman to achieve this. While answering questions from the media the ex-cricketer said that he’d take two wickets with a single ball by marrying someone from across the border. “I was always fascinated by the beauty of Indian women. I think my marriage to a woman from India will help improve relations between the two nations,” he said.

If things work out, this would be Imran’s 5th marriage and hopefully his last after a string of failed weddings. The cricketer has created his profile on a popular Indian matrimonial site and sources say he is already inundated with proposals.

Conservatives and few members of his own party are not happy with his decision and are doing their best to get Imran to change his mind. But looking at Imran’s desperation to find a partner, their efforts are unlikely to yield any result.

Sources say that Pak Army is playing an active role here too and is wary and does not want a repeat of the events shown in the movie Raazi.

A list of prospective brides from India has already been submitted to ISI and Pak Army. “They will be shortlisting brides for Imran and nikaah will take place a few months from now,” revealed a close friend.