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Common people doubtful that news of "PK" releasing today is just another publicity stunt to promote the movie

19, Dec 2014 By idiot420

Delhi. Common people across the country are doubtful that news of Aamir’s much awaited movie “PK” releasing today could be just another publicity stunt to promote the movie.

Calling the release date a promotional hoax, Pratyush, an ardent Aamir fan was found stopping his friends, relatives and colony residents from going to theaters and explaining them how this was a publicity stunt.

Aamir Khan
“That’s a good idea”

“I know Aamir sir and believe me, I am really impressed by his latest trick. I have heard that PK is going to be an out of the box movie, so the movie deserves equally innovative ways of promotion,” said Pratyush, adding that he is expecting PK to take at least another 6 months to release, “Dude, it’s ‘PK’, not some aira-gaira movie, how could it possibly release so soon.”

Amit, a Delhi University college student is so sure that the release date of 19th December is a hoax, that he has even started blaming his friends who are checking-in at multiplexes to be a part of Aamir’s one of its kind movie promotion strategy.

“He is Aamir Khan. He can do anything to promote his movie. He is simply pulling off one of the greatest promotion campaign,” a skeptic Amit told Faking News.