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Companies give one week off to employees so that they can understand "Interstellar"

10, Nov 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

Gurgaon: A clutch of IT companies based out of Gurgaon have come up with an innovative solution to deal with the fallout of the release of Christopher Nolan’s latest, ‘Interstellar’.

In case it’s helpful.

Considering that a significant chunk of their employees saw the movie over the weekend and significantly, a significant chunk of the significant chunk who saw it did not understand it, the companies have decided to announce an optional week long furlough for employees to understand ‘Interstellar’.

“Last time also, a whole month was wasted as people stopped working to discuss Inception,” Chadha – a team leader with an MNC software giant – said. “It stopped only when we circulated a company-wide memo explaining the movie and organized a town hall by some IIT guy.”

“We are saving time and productivity by giving just one week off,” Chadha explained.

The decision by the companies has gone down well with even those who have not watched the movie yet.

“I haven’t even seen Interstellar but only heard people around me or on my Facebook timeline talking of gravitational time dilation,” Tadapit Kumar, a software engineer working in Chadha’s team, said, “But now that we have this leave, I think I will watch the movie multiple times.”

“Maybe, I will also enroll for some FIITJEE classes on Physics to understand it afterwards,” Tadapit added.

Meanwhile Congress leader Digvijay Singh has cited this as an example on why Rahul Gandhi often goes on leave. “To understand the mysteries of politics,” he said.