Company HR starts rangoli prep after looking at 'Diwali' trending on twitter due to Priyanka Chopra

21, Jul 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. Priyanka Chopra brought early Diwali to the country this time around. She was trolled on the net today morning as she was seen smoking with family. Smoking for celebrities is not a new thing but when it comes to Priyanka, it is a symbol of Hypocrisy as Priyanka was totally against smoking and its effect on Asthama patients like her.


In fact during Diwali last year she promoted the anti-smoking campaign, but her fans will not believe anything she says as she has lost all credibility today. HR manager of a leading company got a shocker today morning as he woke up and saw the Diwali trend on twitter. He did not realize that it was due to Priyanka Chopra’s hypocrite act and so he started ordering his juniors to start the rangoli preparation.

Almost coming to an end of the rangoli prep and after mailing the employees happy diwali did he realize that Diwali is still far away and they made a terrible mistake. Now the company wants to sue Priyanka for the amount spent on Diwali preparations.