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IT company implements all suggestions given by MBA intern in his presentation, shares of the company plummet on the stock market

29, May 2019 By @jurnoleast

Shares of Infomiss Technologies saw a sharp fall on the stock market today while other tech stocks continued being in the green. Sources say that the fall was triggered by a presentation given by MBA intern.

Presentation of diagrams at flip chart

Apparently, the company implemented all suggestions given by the intern which led to serious doubts on the company’s credibility which led the stocks to tumble.

Sources say that investors lost faith in the functioning of the company and were unsure if it could give them profit in the long run.

Usually companies do not take such ‘intern presentation’ seriously. Many market experts believe that Infomiss has set a bad precedent. An industry expert that our reporter spoke to said, “Internship gives MBA students a flavor of corporate life. How do you expect them to suggest something to senior management with just 2 months of knowledge.”

The events led to the company issuing a hurried statement clarifying that it had followed all protocols on treating ‘intern suggestions’ and had not deviated from what was standard practice in most companies.

“There seems to have been some misunderstanding. Like most organizations, we too have thrown their presentation out of the window. Maybe the top management would ponder on one or two of their suggestions and nothing beyond that. Investors need not panic,” said a spokesperson for the company.