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Company introduces 'Aditya Narayan-proof underwear', says no one can remove it once worn

03, Oct 2017 By @jurnoleast

Aditya Narayan, who was in the midst of an ugly spat with the staff of Indigo airlines, may have got himself into a controversy, but his outburst has inspired Amul Macho to come out with an underwear which the company claims is practically ‘unremovable’ once worn.

Speaking to Faking News a company executive said, “We are always in the look out for news and innovative product and we spotted a opportunity when we heard him scream ‘mai teri chaddi utaar doonga’. Our latest brand of underwears are not just stylish, they can withstand any amount of threats from people like Aditya Narayan.”

With a tagline that says ‘Utaar ke dikha‘, these underwears are proving to be quite a rage among many people.

In a flash sale on e-commerce site Flipkart, around 2 lakh pieces of the underwear were sold in just 2 minutes and almost crashed the website. Our source from Flipkart revealed that maximum number of orders for the product have come from Delhi. And it didn’t take us long to figure out why.

While speaking to our reporter traffic constable Ranbir Ranaut said, “In my 20 years career as a traffic constable I have had countless instances of being threatened while performing my duty. And most of them were about ‘removing my chaddi’. At one point I was so fed up that I stopped wearing any. But now with this Aditya Narayan-proof underwear, I can do my job without the fear of these VVIP’s.”

If sources are to be believed, the Delhi Traffic department has already made plans to provide a pack of two such underwears for all its traffic constables.