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Congress claims to have found a saffron colored friendship band sent by Modi to Natwar Singh

03, Aug 2014 By idiot420

Delhi.  Hitting back at Natwar Singh, who in his autobiography has made sensational revelations about Sonia Gandhi, Congress today claimed that ex-Congressman had received a friendship band from Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Natwar Singh
“Diggi bhai, this is too much.”

If Congress leader Digvijay Singh is to be believed, he has managed to get a saffron colored friendship band which Natwar Singh was wearing since this morning.

“Natwar Singh received this band today morning and that was sent my none other than Narendra Modi, who is currently in Nepal,” said Digvijay Singh, while waving a saffron friendship band in a press conference at Congress headquarters. “Enemy of an enemy is a friend, which explains the bonding between Modi and Natwar Singh.”

When asked about how he got the band from Natwar Singh’s wrist, Digvijay Singh gave an indirect reply. “I know some artists who have God gifted talent of taking away things from you without even letting you know,” he quipped.

On the other hand, Natwar Singh has called the allegations baseless, and argued that he would have definitely filed a theft complaint if that friendship band was his.

However, Congress has flatly rejected Natwar Singh’s logic. “He didn’t file police complaint because he was afraid of getting exposed,” Rahul Gandhi argued.

Meanwhile, in an unrelated news, Dr. Ved Pratap Vaidik was spotted wearing 15 friendship bands on his wrist. “My friends from across the world like Modi, Obama, Nawaz Sharif, Hamid Karzai have sent these bands to me,” disclosed Dr. Vaidik.

Dr. Vaidik also claimed that it was him who changed the heart of Sonia Gandhi in 2004, after which she refused the post of Prime Minister.