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Congress leaders beat up Arun Jaitley to check his qualities as Defense Minister

28, May 2014 By Postman Chacha

Jaitely telling media how he was punched.
Jaitely telling media how he was punched.

New Delhi. With the PM Narendra Modi’s cabinet formed and already under stiff scrutiny from the opposition party Congress, many leaders from Congress have formulated some ‘plans’ to check whether cabinet ministers are suitable for their posts and fulfill the requisite eligibility criteria.

As a result, after questioning Smriti Irani’s appointment as HRD minister, they decided to check if Arun Jaitley was suitable for the post of Defense Minister.

Thus an ambush was organized, headed by Ajay Maken to have a surprise attack on Arun Jaitley. As expected, Arun Jaitley was found to be not very good in self-defense. The BJP leader ended up getting severely beaten up.

When Jaitely tried to defend himself by arguing that he was acting in the role of Finance Minister when Congress leaders assaulted him, Ajay Maken immediately decided to test his skills and robbed him to check his financial strength. Here too he was found lacking, as his wallet had no money, only Narendra Modi’s photo.

Sources tell Faking News that Ajay Maken will soon have a press conference to reveal his findings of how weakly defense and finance departments are being headed.

Luckily, Rajnath Singh was happy that he has his own home and needed no such tests.