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Congress MPs stage walk out from Parliament, later found they were just playing PokemonGo

20, Jul 2016 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: Amidst uproar and adjournments over various issues, Congress MPs today staged walkout from the Parliament on third day of the monsoon session.

Congress MPs staging a walkout to reach the next Pokestop
MPs staging a walkout to reach the next Pokestop

There were speculations that the members from the party staged a walk out over attacks in Gujarat, but it was later found out that MPs were playing PokemonGo. Speaking to Faking News a Congress MP said, “As usual there was uproar about some issue and we thought of playing Pokemon to kill time and while playing we came to know that the next Pokestop was Gandhiji’s statue outside Parliament building. So we rushed out to collect our pokemon’s.”

“I got charamander,” he added gleefully.

Sources from Congress party say that it was Rahul Gandhi who first installed the game and all party workers as usual, blindly followed.

“There are several voices within the party questioning Rahul’s elevation. Rahulbaba wants to collect all the Pokemons and prove that he is the best choice for post of Congress President,” said a senior party worker.

BJP meanwhile dubbed it as another excuse to avoid discussing important bills in the party. The Govt. is in talks with game developers to have all Pokestop’s inside Parliament building.