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Congress party angry with media for focussing more on Rahul Gandhi's muscles than his speech at FTII

31, Jul 2015 By @jurnoleast

Pune: Congress party has expressed its displeasure with the media for focusing more on Rahul Gandhi’s biceps than the content of his speech.

Hello! mike testing..check check...check my muscles
Hello! mike testing..check check…check my muscles

Congress spokesperson Digvijay Singh requested the media to focus on issues that Rahul Gandhi was speaking about at FTII and blamed the media for ignoring issue of Gajendra Singh’s appointment at FTII. Speaking to our reporter he said, “I agree that Rahul Gandhi has very good physique and he is the most eligible bachelor in India. Media can make a separate documentary on it and show it to the viewers. Right now we now to solve the FTII impasse. It seems the media wants to trivialize this issue.”

Our sources in the media said that choosing to focus on Rahul’s mucles was an obvious choice.

A reporter working for a news channel said,”We like to show what people want to see. Rahul Gandhi has always made public appearances wearing kurta. After a long time we have seen him dressed in casuals. It seems he has been working out as his toned biceps were apparent. He is single and popular among women. So what is wrong in focussing on his physique?”

Students at FTII were also seen discussing more about Rahul’s toned body than Mr. Chauhans appointment. Sunil Kumar, who is the Head of Students Body at FTII, also agreed that most students had come to see Rahul Gandhi and not listen to him.

Meanwhile, another new channel, oblivious of Congress party’s request was busy preparing its ground breaking report titled, ‘Kya hai Rahul Gandhi ke gathile badan ka raaz.