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Cook accidentally burns the food order while cooking, gives the burnt dish a fancy Italian name to placate customer

22, Mar 2017 By @jurnoleast

A evening out with the family at Shiv Sagar restaurant in Bandra West turned into heated arguments between the chef and the patrons after they were served burnt food by the waiter. Apparently, the cook was busy checking out WhatsApp messages when he completely forgot about the food being cooked.

burnt rice

Heated arguments ensued soon after as the customer who was served the burnt food refused to eat it and threatened to sue the restaurant for deficiency in service. The situation was brought under control after the manager intervened and gave the burnt dish a fancy Italian name. No sooner the dish was renamed, the customer appeared convinced and not only did he eat the dish, the also gave the restaurant 5 stars.

Speaking to Faking News the Manager of Shiv Sagar said, “The customer had ordered some fried rice. But it ended up being burnt rice by the time it ended up on the customers table. I knew I had to do something to quell the anger. My presence of mind kicked in and I realized that what I was dealing with was a typical Bandra West customer. So I renamed the dish to Risotto Tonato. A fancy sounding Italian name and within seconds the situation took a u-turn. From screaming at our cook, the customer started praising him for wonderful dish.”

Though patrons in the restaurant were divided in their opinion over whom to blame. Most sided with the cook. Karan Singhania, an eyewitness, seemed critical of the customer for making a mountain of the entire issue. “Arre bhai Chinese khane ke liye koi Shiv Sagar aata hai kya. Itna toh Jackie Chan ko bhi pata hoga ki Shiv Sagar is famous for Pav Bhaji.”