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Cough Syrup Challenge launched for people falling ill from Ice Bucket Challenge

01, Sep 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

New Delhi. As the Ice Bucket Challenge mania spread to India, oncoming monsoon rains and the profusion of disease-inducing microbes in the air has meant that several people taking the ice-bucket challenge have begun to fall ill.

This has led to doctors prescribing something that is being called the ‘Cough Syrup Challenge’ for people falling ill from the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Cough Syrup challenge
Preparing for the even tougher “Cough Syrup challenge”

“We are getting about a hundred cases everyday, of people getting cough, cold and fever, and even the odd case of pneumonia from taking this ice-bucket challenge,” Dr. Chaddha, a senior doctor at AIIMS said.

“We have launched the ‘Cough Syrup Challenge’ to tackle this epidemic. Everyone suffering from fever after the ice-bucket dunking is supposed to finish a bottle of cough syrup in one go. We hope this will raise awareness for the damage that can be caused by bathing in ice cold water,” Dr. Chaddha added.

“Who is this ALS disease, jee?” Tadapit Kumar, a college student and avid Facebooker asked this Faking News reporter from his hospital bed, “I only took the challenge because this girl I like, Sakshi, asked me to. I hadn’t bathed in six days anyway; so I thought two birds with one stone. But now I have gotten this stupid fever…”

“The doctor tells me I got a viral fever from the ice bucket challenge and has prescribed me this cough syrup challenge,” Tadapit revealed, “Ab Facebook pe kya likhoon? Ice bucket made me sick? What will Sakshi think?”

“I wish at least I had gotten some famous illness which Sakshi would have read of,” Tadapit added, “Ebola types.”