Courier delivery guy delivers parcel to be delivered to Sambit Patra’s house to Republic studio, apologizes later

17, Feb 2019 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai. One thing is a constant on Republic TV. And it’s not Arnab, yes, surprisingly it’s Sambit Patra. There are chances that one may not see Arnab on Republic TV for a day, but the chances of Sambit Patra not seen on the channel are pretty bleak.


We had reported sometime back how Sambit was not given leave even on New Year’s Day or any other festival as without him the channel cannot run. He spends 12-13 hours in the studio, 2-3 hours in the BJP party office and goes back home only to sleep and recharge his batteries for the next day. And this routine has confused the delivery guys too.

This time a delivery guy of a courier service delivered Sambit’s parcel to the Republic studio. I mean how ridiculous that is. But Sambit is to be blamed a bit for this.

Most of the previous times when the courier company had something to be delivered to his house, Sambit was not available and so the delivery guy went straight to the Republic Studio. Ambit has assured the company that in future he will let them know about the timings at which he would be present in his house.