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Day 1 in Japan: PM Modi breaks into an impromptu jig after mistaking chopsticks to be dandiya 

29, Oct 2018 By @jurnoleast

PM Modi who is currently vising Japan suffered mild embarrassment after mistaking the chopsticks served a dinner table to be dandiya. Sources say that PM raised his chopsticks and started dancing much to the shock of Japanese PM Shinzo Abe. It was later found that PM Modi was trying to point out similarities between cultures of the two countries.


“You people use chopsticks for eating, we use similar sticks for playing dandiya during Navratri. Jab bhi mai ye chopsticks dekhta hu toh mujhe yakeen ho jata hai ki Japan se mera purana rishta hai,” he said to the dignitaries assembled at the dinner table.

PM Modi even extended an invitation to his Japanese counterpart to participate in Navratri celebrations, irrespective of the results of 2019 elections.

Sources say PM enjoyed every bit of  Japanese hospitality and said that though chopsticks are difficult to eat with initially, it’s fun when you get used to it.

Media back home however did not make any effort to downplay the incident. Some even called it a faux-pas.

Congress party too was on the offensive with President Rahul Gandhi once again targeting the PM for his foreign trips. “Modiji is out on foreign trips most of the time. I don’t know who stays at the PM’s official residence. They should give it on rent for weddings and parties. At least it will earn some money,” he said while speaking to media persons.