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Delhi Assembly to now conduct debates through posters

05, Aug 2015 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. Taking their obsession to posters to new level, AAP govt in Delhi has unanimously decided (after throwing off 3 BJP MLAs from assembly) that henceforth all debates would be conducted through posters which will be put up in streets of Delhi for all to see.

More such posters to follow.
More such posters to follow.

“As everyone is aware that BJP MLAs, Najeeb Jung, Narendra Modi, BS Bassi, Twitter trolls, frequent film releases and many more are not allowing Delhi assembly to function, now we are left with no other option but to take the discussions in public domain,” said Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal.

“This is transparency in true sense of the word,” Kejriwal added, calling these debates ‘Swaraj Charhca’, “It will be a free for all debates, with just about anybody and everybody allowed to jump in and make their point on these posters.”

“Also I have no doubt in mind that communication through poster is going to be the future,” Kejriwal added as he drew a poster asking his assistant to give him water.

To kick-start the process, AAP is coming up with first poster that will titled “Woh pareshaan karte rahe, hum debate kart rahe.”

Meanwhile replicating what they do in Delhi assembly, BJP MLAs are expected to go to every street and tear off these posters.