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Delhi based engineer asks for Royal Challenge whiskey instead of Old Monk at wine shop; IT raids his PG accommodation

12, Dec 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Delhi: On Monday, Income Tax department raided an Engineer’s PG accommodation after he was seen buying Royal Challenge whiskey instead of Old Monk at a wine shop. Reportedly, IT officer was also there at the wine shop who informed his colleagues along with Engineer’s photo.


However, when the officers reached the location of a software engineer, named Amit, they were utterly disappointed as all they could recover were empty old monk bottles. Feeling disturbed seeing his condition, the lead officer of the department ended up giving him his own Chivas Regal bottle.

The raid continued for almost four hours and Amit was asked to submit all his asset related papers. Reportedly, Amit had only education loan papers and his college mark sheets in a really bad condition. Raid revealed that it’s the first time when Amit has bought any other drink than old monk. Amit’s financial condition is so bad that he drank old monk only with water.

While Amit’s parents are worried, Amit is happy that his room has been raided as the income tax officers found a document and a half bottle old monk which Amit had been searching from past six months.

When our correspondent met Amit, exclaimed happily, “Thank god it happened, they have made my weekend. Half old monk what else an engineer wants in his life.” Amit’s excitement got doubled when IT officer gifted him his own Chivas Regal.

While Amit has been declared innocent but the incident has brought the dismal condition of engineers across the country. In such condition old monk has become like God for them and hence their love and respect for it is unimaginable.