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Delhi Daredevil's embarrassing loss to KKR proves that IPL is not fixed: IPL loyalist

17, Apr 2018 By @jurnoleast

With some matches dragging to the last ball and evoking speculations of fixing, many IPL lovers found themselves in quandary.

However the question on whether contest is fixed or not has now been laid to rest after Delhi Daredevils embarrassing loss to Kolkata Knight Riders.

The last few games left some netizens wondering if IPL matches are scripted. There were also rumors that the IPL Managing Committee hired scriptwriters from Bollywood to ensure dramatic endings to IPL matches.

But after the aforementioned match, staunch critics too agreed that IPL was not scripted and it was indeed cricket and not entertainment.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal however thought otherwise and said that it is impossible for Delhi team to lose matches like this. “Ye fixing hui hai hamare khilaaf. Hamare party ke khilaaf aur iske peeche zaroor Modiji ka haath hai,” he said while speaking to reporters.

Mr. Kejriwal later apologized for his statement sensing that it could get him into legal trouble.