Delhi man owning a Hyundai car, Samsung smartphone and an LG TV claims his Korean connection to the Oscar winning movie Parasite

10, Feb 2020 By @jurnoleast

Parasite’s victory at the Oscar’s has given a Delhi man unlimited bragging rights. Since the announcement of the award, the man has been going around his neighborhood telling everyone how he is related to the movie.


While speaking to Faking New, the man revealed, “I own a Hyundai car, A Samsung smartphone and an LG TV. Is this not enough for a Korean connection. Besides, my wife uses Korean cosmetics. I am pretty sure picchle janam mein mera janam Korea me hua hoga,”

“After India, I have spent more time in Korea. It is like my second home,” he added.

When questioned if he watched the movie, the man replied in negative. But that didn’t stop him from taking credit for the success of the movie.

He also intends to throw a ‘success party’ later in the week to celebrate the Oscar win.