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Delhi policeman catches lawyer driving odd numbered vehicle on even day, lawyer forgives and allows the policemen to leave unharmed

07, Nov 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

New Delhi. Delhi police are under severe pressure as the nation does not want its police to be scared of anyone. But such is the fear among all policemen regarding the lawyers that they have to live with it constantly. In a weird incident reported today, a policeman stopped a lawyer who was driving an odd-numbered car on an even day.


The lawyer though was a good-hearted one and forgave the policeman for stopping him. The lawyer did not raise his arms to beat the policeman and he has set an example for other lawyers to be patient and calm.

The policeman who wants not to be named did acknowledge the good gesture shown by the lawyer and has appealed all his colleagues to cancel their protest and become friends with the lawyers. Delhi police commissioner has also ordered its staff to be lenient with lawyers and don’t infuriate them to take strict action. Kejriwal has taken full credit of this police-lawyer brotherhood and said that it is because of the odd-even scheme that this bonding was possible.

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