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Dengue in Delhi due to Gujarat, claims Delhi CM

20, Sep 2013 By trishanku

New Delhi. Citing the recent report from IIT Delhi which suggested that bulk of the suspended particulate matter causing pollution in Delhi originates from neighboring states, Delhi CM has come up with an outrageous explanation for the great spurt in Dengue cases, especially Dengue shock syndrome, in Delhi.

In a news conference today Mrs Sheila Dixit expressed an apprehension that the ‎Aedes aegypti mosquitoes are coming into Delhi through the trucks from Gujarat.

Aedes aegypti mosquito
A conspiracy or a disease?

Citing newspaper reports she pointed out that Gujarat which used to have very high incidences of Dengue till last year has suddenly seen a great reduction in Dengue this year.

“This is worrying,” Dixit said referring to the development in Gujarat, “Clearly the mosquitoes from Gujarat have moved, or have been moved, elsewhere. Since Rajasthan, the state which comes in between Delhi and Gujarat, has shown very few cases of dengue, it is evident that these mosquitoes are landing in Delhi.”

When questioned by reporters whether she was hinting a government hand in this too, like she had mentioned yesterday about the hand of MP government in creating scarcity of onions in Delhi by hoarding it, she said that she is not making any allegation, but just presenting the facts.

“Any intelligent person can draw his own conclusions from these,” she said.

Faking News contacted Congress leader Digvijay Singh, an intelligent person, on his views. “Although we expected Modi to kill the mosquitoes as he’s a mass murderer, he has not killed them and is driving them to Delhi,” Digvijay Singh said.