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Deodorant ad on TV mistaken as Bharat Nirman ad

31, May 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. A man in his 20’s mistook a deodorant ad running on TV as a Bharat Nirman ad, sources tell Faking News.

“You can’t blame me!” said a visibly embarrassed Rahul Singh, “They were showing such surreal images that made an aam aadmi’s life look so easy and enjoyable; I thought it was one of those Bharat Nirman ads.”

Deo ad
The confusing ad

Rahul, who has never been able to impress any girl in his two decades long existence, was impressed when he saw hordes of girls running after a man after the man applied deodorant on his body.

“The message of the ad was – all you needed to change your life was a deodorant – isn’t that similar to Bharat Nirman ads where they show that all that was needed to change the life of a person was a mobile phone? I tell you, they were so similar,” the young man insisted.

Still reeling from this embarrassment, Rahul has demanded that Bharat Nirman ads should compulsively run a disclaimer so that they appear different from other TV ads that propagate exaggerated and deceptive claims.

“They should at least run disclaimers like – performed by trained professionals, don’t try to imitate – when they show poor people fighting with government babus and getting their rights,” Rahul demanded.