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Dharavi man wants to know if the selfie he took while pooping at railway track qualifies as washroom selfie

27, Jul 2015 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Facing immense peer pressure for quite sometime now, Pakya, a 31 year old man from Dharavi, regular visitor at railway tracks nearby, wonders if the pic he took of himself while pooping near Dadar station qualifies as washroom selfie.

The selfie which he posted with caption #SelfieWithDadar has so far received 45 ‘marked for nudity spam’ requests and resulted in 24 unfriends for Pakya.

Pakya in action.
Pakya in action.

“I have an FB account for last 2 years now and have seen whole lot of my friends living in posh localities of Bandra, Juhu, Colaba etc posting selfies taken by them in what they call their washroom selfies,” Pakya explained what led him to click such a selfie.

“First I found it odd but then I thought maybe it was mandatory to click and post at least one such photo otherwise FB suspends your account after sometime. So I decided to click one of my own,” he went on to explain.

“Since I cannot afford going to discs, pubs, bars, restaurants etc nor do I have a toilet at home, I thought of clicking a photo at railway tracks,” he argued, “And thought I ll go a step further and click and post one in action. Maybe FB will reward me by getting all my pending requests to nearby slum girls in Kurla accepted for being proactive and innovative.”

Now finding in midst of his account getting suspended, Pakya wonders what was wrong with the selfie and if it qualifies as washroom selfie or he needs to a public toilet somewhere to click one.

Meanwhile Pakya has already bought a drill machine home to punch his cheeks from both sides to get a perfect pout selfie.