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Dhoni wanted to retire immediately, that's why I called off match with 4 overs remaining: Australian captain

30, Dec 2014 By idiot420

Melbourne. Soon after MS Dhoni announced his retirement from test cricket, Australian captain Steven Smith revealed that this sudden urge of retiring stuck Dhoni’s mind while he was playing his today’s inning.

As per Smith, that was the reason why he called off third test with four overs yet to be bowled. Reportedly Dhoni disclosed his maddening desire to retire immediately when 7 overs were remaining.

Ek baar jo mood ho gaya, phir main kisi ki nahi sunta

“It wasn’t like I didn’t try to convince Dhoni to hold this feeling for few more overs. But, he was in so hurry that he even threatened to hit required runs to win in last overs. When I looked into his eyes, dude, he was looking damn serious,” Australian skipper told Faking News.

A terrified Smith started negotiating with Dhoni and finally managed to convince him to hold his urge for next 3 overs.

“I asked my bowlers to perform their best in the next three overs, as that was all we had,” Smith continued. But to his disappointment, none of Australian bowlers were lucky enough to pick wickets.

After reaching the deadline offered by Dhoni, Smith tried to conduct a final round of negotiation and involved Ashwin too, who at that time was at the other end.

“I thought they were CSK buddies, so he might listen to him,” said Smith, adding that Ashwin almost begged in front of Dhoni to not retire, “But nothing worked and finally I called off the match.”