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Digvijay Singh blames 'Ghar Wapsi' program for Indian cricket team's loss

26, Mar 2015 By Beer & Biryani

New Delhi. In one of the weird reactions to India’s loss in the World Cup Cricket 2015 semi-final, Congress senior leader Digvijay Singh has blamed Ghar Wapsi for India’s return before the final.

“Ghar Wapsi for Indian Team is a right wing spell.”

Calling this a conspiracy as part of Ghar Wapsi program, he said, “Indian cricket team has been in Australia for more than three months now. Naturally, they would be inclined to get back home after a long and tiring series though Kohli is an exception. I heard Shikhar Dhawan also wanted to avoid his mother-in-law’s place and was desperate for a comeback. Given that something more important was awaiting the Indian team at home i.e., the IPL, the players realized the true calling is in their motherland and an immediate return would be the only universal justification. India had to somehow come out of the world cup even if it meant losing a game.”

Focusing on the electoral impacts in upcoming Bihar elections, Digvijay said, “While I talked about a few logical points, the supernatural point is that the whole Indian team is in a spell of Ghar Wapsi of right wing politics. We have prepared well and would use this as a primary subject in our rallies to beat the elements of polarization.”

For Congress, that had not opened its account in Delhi elections, it would be interesting to see if Ghar Wapsi allegations will fetch them seats or help retain Aryabhatta’s gift.