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Digvijay Singh danced for an hour after seeing 'Ram Temple' in BJP's manifesto

07, Apr 2014 By idiot420

Delhi. Congress leader Digvijay Singh reportedly danced for an hour after finding ‘Ram Temple’ in BJP’s election manifesto.

Digvijay Singh Dancing
Digvijay Singh in action.

Sources say he has been waiting for this day and of late was getting restless as BJP delayed release of its manifesto. He was further bored amidst development talks by the saffron party’s PM candidate.

“He was behaving like a fish out of water. ‘Ram Temple’ issue raised in BJP’s manifesto has come as a brief respite for Mr Singh who simply loves to talk about secularism and communalism,” disclosed an insider on condition of anonymity.

“He is very thankful to BJP leaders for reviving his career and giving him fodder for next two months.”

At the time of BJP manifesto release, Digvijay Singh was present at Congress headquarters.

As per onlookers, the moment ‘Ram Mandir’ news broke out, he yelled out ‘Yes, yes, yes!!!!’ and started dancing. Digvijay Singh kept on doing that for the next one hour; he was also joined by many other senior Congress leaders.

Meanwhile, on being asked what he would have done, in case ‘Ram Mandir’ had not been in BJP’s manifesto, Digvijay Singh quipped, “2002.”