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Domino’s Pizza delivery boys allowed to jump signals to meet “30 minutes delivery” deadline

12, Sep 2014 By Achal Kapoor

On his way to meet deadlines.
On his way to meet deadlines.

New Delhi. Domino’s Pizza India has reported huge losses in recent quarters. The main reason behind heavy losses is their “30 minutes delivery, otherwise Pizza free” scheme. Apparently interminably increasing heavy traffic is making it difficult for Domino’s Pizza delivery boys to deliver pizza on time.

In six hours long annual general meeting of Domino’s Pizza India yesterday, senior management discussed measures to address this issue. Surprisingly, Qumar Ahmed, Joint Commissioner, Delhi Traffic Police was also present in that meeting. Many ground breaking decisions and plans were taken in this meeting to check loses.

Some of the key decisions taken in the meeting are:

  • Every Domino’s Pizza delivery bike will have a siren now. Their bikes will have equal privilege which is given to ambulances and fire vans.
  • Domino’s Pizza delivery boys are allowed to jump all traffic lights. They can also enter wrong side and no entry one-ways. No challan will be issued to them.
  • Each Domino’s Pizza delivery boy will be allowed to hit maximum of 3 people/vehicle per day. No claim/damages will be asked.

These new measures will be first tested in Delhi/NCR with immediate effect. If successful, these powers will be given to Domino’s Pizza delivery boys all across India.

MD of “Pizza Hut India” and “Slice of Italy” India were unavailable for any comments.