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Dubai's 'Robot Police Officer' fitted with Indian components found asking for bribe, taken off duty

24, May 2017 By @jurnoleast

UAE’s ambitious plan of inducting robots in the police force received a setback after it was found that few robots in Dubai were found taking bribes while on duty. The incident came to light after a motorist wanted to pay fine with his credit card but the robot asked for cash for being let off.

The incident has got the law enforcement authorities to recall the entire batch and ‘test them thoroughly’ to prevent such incidents from happening.

Apparently, some of the internal parts of these Robocops have been sourced from India, after PM Modi’s aggressive push for Make in India while on a visit to UAE last year. The result however has not been as expected.

Director General of Smart Services in Dubai, Brigadier General Khalid Nasir while speaking to Faking News said, “Not just components, the software contract too was awarded to a Gurgaon based company. It seems the company tried to make these robots as close to real cops as possible.”

FairBits, the company that designed the software, did accept that software was coded after observing the behavior of cops in and around North India. “We should have thought it over that the though some of the law enforcement related issues could overlap, the response by the cops needs to be different. We have taken cognizance of this matter and we will be sending across senior developers to UAE to rectify the problem.”