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Earning Rs 200 a day by burning buses during a paid protest is also employment: ML Khattar

25, Jan 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Gurugram: As Karni Sena members continue to hurl stones at buses in and around Gurugram, state Chief Minister ML Khattar has come out in support of their actions. CM Khattar has said that they know some people are organising these paid protests by paying these protesters 200 Rs a day. However, someone taking home 200 Rs after an honest day’s work is also employment so they don’t want to stop it.

ML Khattar
Karo protest, hum na rokenge

“Opposition keeps saying that today’s youth is unemployed. Now when so many of them have been employed in these protests, they again have a problem? What exactly do they want? We must encourage more of such protests to provide gainful employment to our youngsters”, CM Khattar said.

When asked about the damage to public property, he said ,”Roadways buses are there to get damaged only else what is their use? Everyone is traveling via other means these days. Roadways is there just to provide employment to drivers and conductors and to provide an outlet to mob’s anger during a protest. Aaj nahin jalegi bus to agle Jat agitation me jal jayegi.”

When further questioned how can they let these protesters run free when film is cleared for release even by Supreme Court, Mr. Khattar said ,”So what is the problem, film is running as per SC order, protest is also running, everything is running. Now we must also run because I can see a group of Karni Sena members coming.”

Meanwhile, Government refused to clarify whether protest organisers can apply for Mudra loans to pay for the hired protesters.