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Employee changing system password before expiry given additional projects as he has too much free time

23, Oct 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

For people who think that bosses and managers are the people who bother an employee the most, its not the case as a Faking News survey found that the password change popups are clear winners in the race of bothering an already bothered employee. Most of the IT employees across different companies spend a lot of time in a day postponing the password change process. But Sanil Jain is not one of those, in fact he changes his password at the first prompt message. Never did he know that his punctual habit will land him too much work, as happened today when his manager gave him additional projects to complete thinking he has too much of time at his hands.


Sanil Jain, right from his initial days in the corporate world has been quiet punctual when it comes to best practices for IT security, from changing passwords on time, not sharing password with anyone, sometimes even not sharing the password with himself. So when he got a password change pop-up today, his instincts took the driving seat and 5 minutes after he had generated a new password, without the knowledge that his manager was right at the back of his seat registering the moment in his memory. Yes, people changing their system password on time are considered to be very free in the IT sector as most employees change the password only after it is expired and are prompted by the HR team to do so.

Instead of getting a reward for his bravery what Sanil got was some additional projects which have to be completed by the end of this month. And guess what, Sanil will actually not get any time in the coming month to change his password. And that is the reason he has already informed the IT team to give him the leeway this time of and give him extra time to change his password.