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IT employee in coma for last 2 years finally gains consciousness after doctor gives Sodexo coupons to smell

22, Mar 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Sanil Jain, who had joined TQS consultancy 3 years back would never have realized how Sodexo coupons would save his life one day. Being an IT employee in Bengaluru, sodexo coupons were a big part of Sanil’s life, much bigger than even his salary and job profile. Every month he used to wait eagerly to collect his sodexo passes and then spent them like how the kings used to spend in the ancient times.

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Before walking into any mall or any restaurant, Sanil had a habit of checking on counters which would accept the sodexo passes. He had made a list of outlets in Bengaluru which would take the coupons. Spending sodexo was a big hobby for him, just like any other IT employee in Bengaluru. 2 years back, he met an accident while going to the office. Physical injuries were soon cured but his body was in a state of coma for the past 2 years. Doctors tried almost everything and experts were trying to crack the case but all in vain.

Almost after everyone had lost hope, Dr. Prashant stepped in with an innovative idea, an idea which is soon going to be patented. Prashant always knew that for a person to come out of the coma, he/she has to experience something that is very close to them, in form of touch, smell or taste. He soon brought some sodexo coupons near Sanil, and something unbelievable happened. Sanil soon recognized the smell and took the coupons in his hands. He soon remembered all the things he had done with sodexo coupons in the past, all his shopping, eating out, buying gifts and recovered to gain full consciousness. The treatment process has been registered for patent and will be soon used in other hospitals too in Bengaluru. Government of Karnataka has ensured full support to the patent application.