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Employee fails to write ‘As discussed over phone’ in all emails, company stops reimbursement of his phone bills

10, Aug 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Doctors, lawyers, marketers and financiers get singled out — negatively — for their jargon. But the truth is this: There isn’t any occupation or pastime that doesn’t have some specialized language associated with it. We have often seen the ASAP, PFA, PFB and many more jargons used inside a mail. One of the more common ones these days is the ‘As discussed over phone’ used by employees to extend their discussions with clients, the discussions which were started on phone and later taken up on Emails. But some companies have realized that employees are not using this jargon and then claiming their phone bills to be reimbursed which actually is unethical. In one such incident, Jagdish Malik had to bear the brunt of his HR team for not following rules.


Jagdish has been working in the sales team of a reputed MNC and has been a shining star over the years. His relations with the clients is often given as example by his bosses for other employees to follow. Friday was a complete opposite of all these years. The HR team did a random check on all mails sent by their employees to clients and it was found that Jagdish failed to mention ‘As discussed over phone’ in any of the mails. This is a serious breach of rule, because the company pays a hefty sum to employees as phone bill reimbursement to use it to talk to clients. A person not mentioning the given phrase in his emails is thought to be a liar who never speaks on phone and then too claims the amount.

In Jagdish’s defense, he did speak to clients over phone, but forgot to mention that activity inside all his mails. He has resolved to rectify it and double check all his mails before hitting the send button. The HR team at his company has also organized a 2 day workshop to train people on the use of jargon inside a mail.