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Employee gets 5% salary hike but attends 400% more meetings after getting promoted

20, Sep 2015 By Vaibhav Anand

Gurgaon: A software engineer working for a Multinational Company in the city confirmed that while he got a 5% salary hike on getting promoted, he was attending 400% more meetings. Tadapit Kumar, a ten year veteran at an MNC software firm, however seemed to be quite pleased with this arrangement.meeting-manager

“My company has not promoted anyone, citing recession for the last seven years,” Tadapit said. “So I am happy to be promoted and to get a 5% hike. Most of my friends here have taken a pay cut this year to continue working here and are busy polishing their profiles on”

“Yes, my invitations to meetings has gone up 400%, but I am happy about that too,” he continued, in response to a question from this Faking News reporter. “I sit in a corner and play Solitaire or browse through the profiles of the people in the room and occasionally make statements like ‘Yes, let’s double down on that’ or ‘Can we have a detailed review on this… this slide isn’t enough?’ etcetera. This is what I had been missing all those years.”