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IT employee spends 2 years on the bench; applies for the job to become McDonald's clown which sits outside every store

18, Oct 2018 By Guest Patrakar

Bengaluru: IT employee and a bench have a very important relationship, just like a politician and a seat. Bengaluru has lacs of IT employee who are on bench throughout the year. Shwetank Srivastava, in fact, has been on bench for the last 2 years.


He has completed so many hours of youtube, games, study sessions by spending leisure time on the bench. He is so much in love of the bench that most recently he applied to McDonald’s to become the clown outside their retail store.

The McDonald’s team has been discussing Shwetank’s candidature for the last 5 days and their HR team is pretty impressed by his work profile or bench profile in this case.

Shwetank has some great achievements like sleeping for 8 hours during the daytime, watching all flop movies on his laptop, talking to his school friends daily on phone, something a non-IT employee cannot understand. There was a time when by mistake Shwetank was offered a good project by his company, but he was so habituated of being on the bench that he rejected the offer after giving some silly reason.

McDonald’s chain puts a great amount of cost on making the clown in precise measurements, and they just have to figure out if putting a real person can save them some cost or not. Meanwhile, after the news spread in different parts of Bengaluru, many other IT engineers have also applied for the McDonald’s position. In this case, it is LITERALLY a position.