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Employee stands under shower while having video call with his boss to show it's raining at his location.

03, Jul 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai: Monsoon has hit the city and has given some comfort to mumbaikars from the ever increasing humidity. While most of them are enjoying the rains, some are also using it as an excuse as per their convenience. 


From the past few days, it has been observed that it’s raining mostly at nights and hence the city has been saved from the worries of traffic congestion, water logging etc during work hours. However, that has not gone down well with Vivek, a Navi-mumbai based chartered accountant. 

Vivek, working in a CA firm based in Powai, commutes from Navi Mumbai to Powai on daily basis. On Friday he dropped a text message to his boss saying he’ll be working from home as it is raining heavily in Navi Mumbai. Vivek’s boss, Ashutosh who lives in Powai observed that it’s not raining in Powai. He quickly made a call to Vivek to know whether it’s actually raining. Vivek was prepared so he made some thundering noises to confuse his boss. Ashutosh was still not completely convinced.

Ashutosh checked on his weather app which showed that rain was forecasted in Navi Mumbai, that convinced him that it’s certainly not raining and Vivek is just making an excuse. 

To reach the bottom of the truth, Ashutosh made a video call to Vivek. Not prepared for this, Vivek couldn’t think of anything and stood under the shower. Their conversation was about to end when Vivek mistakenly moved his phone and Ashutosh noticed the geyser installed just above the shower tap. 

Vivek has been asked to give justify his actions in writing for taking work from home to the top management. Vivek’s action is certainly not justified but at the same time it raises a question  Whether in this is era of digital India do we really need to travel every day or it can be avoided by using technology?