WHO encourages use of new mask to be worn over the mouth to stop the spread of criticism against China

30, Mar 2020 By @jurnoleast

It is not just the rising number of coronavirus patients that is giving WHO sleepless nights. A bigger headache, that of criticism of China, seems to be affecting the Health Organizations as well.

But unlike its reaction to coronavirus, WHO has been proactive this time around and said that criticism against China is posing a greater threat than the virus itself.

The Organization has now encouraged people to wear a new mouth-mask that will prevent the spread of criticism globally.

The masks go by the name STFU and were invented in collaboration with a Chinese company.

“We need to take action before this too turns into a pandemic. There is a high risk of human to human transmission. Criticism against China has seen an exponential growth. We need to flatten the curve,” said a highly placed WHO official.

“These masks are to be worn over the mouth. So anyone who wears it won’t be able to speak. That will prevent him from speaking. Our initial tests have shown that these masks are highly effective. And now we have approved them for public use,” he added.