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With the end of IPL 2018 unemployment numbers expected to rise, Govt expresses concern 

28, May 2018 By @jurnoleast

The 2 month cricketing extravaganza called IPL has come to an end giving the Govt nightmares about the rise in number of unemployed people. Many commentators, support staff, players and even team owners will now have to wait for a year to be employed once again.


IPL anchor Damayanti Hangar, who got a bit emotional towards the end of the closing ceremony, agreed that it would be difficult to keep herself busy for the next 12 months

This has increased the headache of the ruling BJP govt which has been under constant attack from the opposition for failing to live up to their election promise.

Not just anchors and commentators, jobless youth for whom IPL was the only thing that kept them busy, it will be another frustrating 365 days. According to a study around 70% of population below the age of 35 depends on IPL to keep them occupied.

With 2019 elections around the corner these number could be critical to the BJP if it plans to retain power.

To mitigate the issue HRD Ministry has said that jobless people watching IPL can show 2 months of work experience on their CV’s. The Ministry is also planning to rope in singer Falguni Pathak, who works only during 9 days of Navratri, to help tide over the situation.