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Engineer becomes convinced he’s an MBA after reading “Ten signs you are from IIM-A”

16, Sep 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

New Delhi. Tadapit Kumar, a software engineer working out of Gurgaon, became one of the first official victims of ‘List’ sites after he started believing that he was an MBA from IIM-A after reading an article on the sites.

confused man
“The website said so”

“It is cool, no?” Tadapit said to this Faking News reporter, “I thought I would have to take CAT and clear all those GD and PI rounds… but now, from this site, I know I am already from IIMA!”

“If it is on the internet, it has to be true, yaar!” he added.

“We are seeing several cases of people trying to do things after reading them in lists,” Dr. Chugh, a renowned psychiatrist said in an exclusive chat with this reporter, “For example, a lot of my fellow psychiatrist friends have started growing their hair and beards long after reading ‘Fifteen signs you are a psychiatrist’. But this is the first case of reverse ‘list-osis’ we are seeing. I spoke to this guy, Tadapit on the phone and he genuinely believes he is from IIM-A, even to the extent of telling me that he had a hot steamy relationship with Alia Bhatt on campus.”

“Yes yes, we did get this engineer fellow claiming he was an MBA from IIMA,” Chaddha, a senior HR executive at an MNC firm said. “He kept saying ‘CV pe nahin hai to kya hua, internet pe toh hai.’”