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Engineer decides to change his name to "Aamir Khan" so that he is given only one thing to do every year

09, Dec 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

Gurgaon: A software engineer based out of Gurgaon has taken the unprecedented step of changing his name to ‘Aamir Khan’ so that he needn’t have to do too much work in office.

Aamir Khan
Inspirational figure for many.

Tadapit Kumar, a software engineer for an MNC, took the decision after having worked 80 hour weeks and still received a “Needs improvement” on his annual appraisal.

“I worked eighty, sometimes hundred hour weeks this year, sometimes even on weekends,” Tadapit said, “and Chadhha still gave me a ‘Needs improvement’. So I have decided to improve myself. I am ‘Aamir Khan’ now for all practical purposes. I will do only one project every year instead of ten and maybe pose nude with a transistor in front of my privates.”

“Yes the news is true,” Chaddha said when approached by this Faking News reporter, his face in his hands. “Tadapit walked in to my cabin this morning and said he was no longer Tadapit Kumar but Aamir Khan now. He said he would only do one project every year.”

“And maybe also conduct one talk show in the office canteen, where he would pretend to care about other people,” Chaddha added, “He claims to be a perfectionist now, and since he’s perfect, we have accepted his demands.”

Meanwhile another engineer in the same company has decided to change his name to Salman Khan so that he is allowed to submit the same project in different fonts and folders every time.