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Engineer who invented soundless cracker to be awarded by Supreme Court

08, Nov 2018 By Guest Patrakar

A few days after the Supreme Court imposed time and cracker-type restrictions on the use and sale of crackers in order to bring down the air pollution levels across India and mainly the National Capital Region, an engineer has shocked the nation by inventing a cracker that doesn’t defy SC ruling even if one bursts it beyond the time specified by SC.

Ankur Singh, a third-year chemical engineer of WTF college of Engineering Noida, has invented a bomb that is doesn’t emit sound and doesn’t burst even at temperatures as high as 400 degree Celsius. The bomb looks exactly like the popular Diwali firecracker Sutli bomb.

“I was disappointed with the SC ruling of restricting the time of bursting firecrackers but was also concerned at the increasing air pollution levels and this inspired me to make a firecracker that’s not only smoke free but also noise free and that’s possible only when the cracker is fireproof,” said Ankur in a press conference after the press was informed that the SC wishes to award Ankur for his feat.