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Engineering student files RTI to find out how Milind Soman even at the age of 51 has a girlfriend

06, Nov 2017 By @jurnoleast

An engineering student from a local college in Delhi has filed an RTI plea to find out how former supermodel and marathon runner Milind Soman managed to have a girlfriend who is less than half his age.

The marathoner was in news recently for sharing pics on social media where he is seen celebrating his birthday with his girlfriend. It didn’t go down well with many who were critical of the age difference.

But the aforementioned engineering student took it a step further and filed an RTI.

The student agreed to speak to us on condition anonymity and revealed his intention behind the plea.

“There is no intention. It is pure jealousy and nothing more. I mean how can someone who is 51 get a girlfriend. And look at me. I am still struggling to find one,” he lamented.

Though he was not sure if being an engineer was in any way responsible for his single status.

As the news of RTI spread on social media, an overwhelming number of single male engineering students came out in support.

Sensing an opportunity a few politicians too enlisted their support. Some even went ahead and said ‘Agar hamari sarkar aayegi toh har ek engineer ke paas ek girlfriend zaroor hogi’.