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Engineering student unable to find his way out after he accidentally strays into college library, later rescued by fire brigade

31, Jul 2018 By @jurnoleast

Hectic activity was observed outside the library of VLCC engineering college after a student was reported lost by college authorities after he accidentally strayed into the library. College authorities are not revealing the name of the student at the moment but said that fire brigade were called in and later managed to rescue to student.

While speaking to Faking News the Chief Administrative Officer said, “Most students are not used to going to the library. This particular student was in the final year but had never been to the library even once. Apparently he was chatting on his phone when he wandered deep inside the library. He probably panicked after seeing so many books and it made matters worse. But thanks to fire safety officials things are under control now.”

An officer from the fire department who was the first to respond recounted the event and revealed how the fire team had to use sniffer dogs and thermal imaging to locate the missing student.

With the latest incident serving as a wake up call, the college authorities are now taking measure to ensure that such incidents don’t happen in future. “There will the compulsory library visits for students every month. We are also planning to set up food stalls in the library to draw more students. Since mechanical engineering students are notorious, the college will set up blind dates for such students in the library,” said the administrative officer.