Engineering students who mass bunked lecture manage to escape punishment by saying that they did so to express solidarity with JNU students 

09, Jan 2020 By @jurnoleast

Engineering students who mass bunked their weekend lecture had to face some music from the senior faculty over their lackadaisical attitude towards studies. The group, mechanical engineering students, however escaped punishment by claiming that they bunked to express solidarity with JNU students.


Faculty and staff members were livid with the incidents and felt that it could set a bad precedent if action was not taken against erring students. “Impressionable minds can easily get affected with such incidents, especially students from first year. But if classed were bunked to express solidarity, then we can’t do much because even staff members were beaten by JNU attackers,” said one faculty member.

Not everyone was convinced with that excuse though and wanted further evidence before the could be pardoned. “I can understand students from other streams joining in the protests. Lekin ye engioneering students hai, woh bhi mechamical dept ke. Inko bunk karne ke liye koi reason nahi chahiye. Movie dekhne gaye honge sab ke sab,” remarked a professor.

The group of students has now decided to sing the national anthem and ‘hum dekhenge‘ to convince their professors.