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Engineers demand reservation on Tinder

07, Jul 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Indore: Tuesday, a group of around 2500 engineers started a protest near Central Mall in Indore demanding reservation on a dating app, Tinder. The protest was led by 4th year mechanical engineering student, Jagannath of SGSITS College.


The word engineer has now become a synonymous with single. According to a survey by a social media agency, an average engineer remains single even after four years of completing his graduation. Tinder is dating app that helps connecting singles across the globe. The app is GPS enabled and locates the singles nearby the user’s location.

Faking News reporter spoke to Jagannath, Jagannath said “Recently a politician demanded reservation for dalits in Indian cricket team and on the similar grounds we want reservation for Engineers on Tinder.” Jagannath further added “We also request government to take initiative to change people’s perception towards engineers”

Their specific demand is to limit the number a girl can left swipe I.e. reject an engineer. 

Tinder CEO, in a press conference said “We can’t give reservation to engineers as 90% of Indians who have downloaded Tinder app are engineers. Giving them reservation means non-engineers will be left without a date.

While it is worrisome that girls don’t prefer to date engineers but engineers taking pride in mentioning their qualifications on dating apps is really commendable.