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Even if you ping me at 2 AM to say stuck at Silk Board Signal, I can’t help says Sushma Swaraj

27, Jun 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Sumit Makani, a techie working for a MNC in Bengaluru was quite perplexed when he did not get any help from Sushma Swaraj even after tagging her repeatedly in his tweets to rescue him from Silk Board signal traffic jam.


Sumit who was returning back to city after spending long weekend with his parents was stuck at the silk board signal due to massive traffic jam out there. He was getting restless as he had to prepare a presentation for an all-important customer meeting in the morning.

“Sitting inside my car for hours, I was cursing myself why I left the job till last minute. Rarely I have missed to take my laptop along with my data card. My bad luck, this time I had not taken them”, said Sumit

Sumit added, “It was already close to 2 AM. In such an unearthly hour was thinking who can help me till I came across this piece of news where PM Modi had praised external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj for helping people even at 2 AM who approach her with tweets”

“Initially left one message telling my situation to her. Did not get any help. Then requested in my second message if someone can take my room key and get the laptop and data card from my home and handover here, I could have still managed. Still no help came from her”, said Sumit.

“After my four five messages came a reply from her that it is beyond her capacity to help someone stuck at Silk Board Signal. However, she tagged CMofKarnataka and blrcitytraffic in her tweets in case they can help me. However, I didn’t get help for anyone. Fully tired, reached my home in Whitefield early morning, barely an hour before my office presentation time”, said Sumit.

When we asked about customer meeting in the morning, Sumit said, “When I called my boss in the morning to say that presentation is ready, can we move the meeting to afternoon. He said, do not worry, customer is not coming to office today. Over the long weekend they went to Mysore for sightseeing and they have not reached their hotel till now. So, we will have meeting tomorrow”.