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Even Virat Kohli is not abusing as much as he used to do during UPA rule: Rahul Bajaj

02, Dec 2019 By @jurnoleast

At an event yesterday,  Rahul Bajaj took shots at BJP leaders while making his point that the current climate in the country has made it difficult to abuse and criticize the Govt. The industrialist turned politician turned philanthropist rued the fact that under Modi’s rule, even Virat Kohli didn’t abuse as much as he used to to during UPA rule.

rahul bajaj

“I have followed Virat’s career and I can tell you that he was a much better player during UPA rule. His on-field abuses were something we eagerly looked forward to during every match. But under the current BJP Govt even he isn’t freely abusing. We hardly see him hurling any MCBC. All this aggression and reactions are muted. What has this Govt done? Can the PM take corrective action because it feels claustrophobic to live in a society like this,” he said at the event.

Our reporter tried reaching out to Kohli to get his reaction on Rahul Bajaj’s statement. Though the cricketer initially refrained from getting into any controversy, but with persistent questioning he said, “yes it is true that I don’t abuse as much as I used to do earlier. But htat is because I am married now. Matured and Mellowed post marriage. Besides Anushka doesn’t appreciate that I give abuse so liberally.”

Virat’s comment was welcomed by the ruling BJP Govt and a mention of it was also made in Parliament during a discussion on Rahul Bajaj’s much publicized criticism of the Govt.