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Ex-Roadie votes for the candidate he hates most thinking of elections as a vote out

04, Dec 2013 By idiot420

New Delhi. Rohit Singh, a proud alumnus of MTV Roadies hailing from Pitampura, today voted in the Delhi assembly elections for the candidate he hates most.

He confused the electoral process as being similar to the one in reality show MTV Roadies, where he had voted last.

Sheila Dixit after voting
Rohit had similar expression after he voted

As per an eyewitness, Rohit arrived at the polling booth on a Hero Honda Karizma. He was wearing sunglasses while everyone else was enjoying the sun in Delhi winters.

“He first asked for a pen and paper to write name of the candidate, it’s then we told him about existence of a machine known as EVM,” the polling officer told Faking News, “While voting, he was speaking to himself and explaining why he hates, ‘Vikas’, candidate of ‘Chillar Party’.”

Rohit, who participated in the Season 6 of the TV show, reportedly is still suffering from Roadies hangover. A reality show historian confirmed that Rohit was voted out due to a conspiracy hatched by another participant named Vikas.

People close to Rohit say that he was never bothered about politics and elections, but he couldn’t hold his excitement and interest when he saw MTV Roadies host campaigning in Delhi.

“He thought it was cool, but he didn’t apply his brains,” a friend explained the political participation of Rohit.

However, unperturbed by the incident and ensuing criticisms, Rohit repeated the most frequently used quote from the Roadies audition: “I am what I am.”

Meanwhile, after hearing the news, MTV Roadies host Raghu lost his cool and said, “Yahi seekha saale gadhe ki **** ne Roadies pe!?