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After experiencing new facilities in 'Tejas Express', passengers now demand washing machine also

24, May 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Tejas Express, which was flagged off on the Mumbai-Goa route on Monday, is completely booked for seven days. All seats, including expensive executive chair car, on the swanky train is full till the month-end. But passengers are still not happy, and are demanding more facilities, top of which is washing machine inside every compartment.


The train is full of new luxuries for Indian passengers, some of which are LED screens, Bio-toilets, Coffee vending machines etc. But the passengers are demanding more and more. A Mumbai based company did a survey of all passengers on board and asked about any new facilities they want. Most of the ladies demanded washing machines as they think that during a 9 hour long journey they need to utilize the time in doing household chores like washing clothes.

The other responses were a small kitchen, microwave, fridge, ropes to hang clothes and many more. Passengers think that railways is already charging a premium and it wont be too tough for them to include some more facilities. Faking News reporter spoke to one such passenger named Jagdish Jain and he had this to say, ” When me and my friends plan a Goa trip, its on a very urgent notice , so we seldom get time to pack clean clothes. A washing machine would be of great help to the bachelors so that after we reach Goa we don’t have to worry about getting clean clothes.”

The railway officials were not available for comment, but it is believed that they will conduct a meeting to figure out scope for other facilities as well. Till then, all we can do is enjoy the latest ride and be a part of history which will define the new era of Indian Railways.