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Experts predict devaluation of airport check-ins on Facebook as airlines announce cheaper tickets

27, Feb 2014 By idiot420

Mumbai. With aviation companies slashing ticket prices by 75% on flights booked for travel between 1 April to 30 June, social media experts are expecting huge surge in count of Facebook check-ins at airports in the same duration, and thus resulting into status devaluation of check-ins.

“Facebook check-in at airports is a status symbol because of its exclusivity. But now, with so many cheap tickets, it’s going to lose the charm,” feared Parlok Trivedi, a social media expert.

Lacking exclusivity?

“So, prepare yourself mentally to face less number of ‘likes’ on airport check-ins. I would rather advise people to avoid doing check-ins between 1 April to 30 June, as people will think of you as cheap and will interpret that you booked ticket in discount,” he explained.

“Not to mention April 1, where it might appear you are trying to fool others by doing a fake check-in.”

Meanwhile, people who are traveling during the aforementioned dates but booked ticket before the price slash, are feeling cheated.

“I didn’t spend thousands to be called a cheapo!” said visibly angry Kuber Sharma, who is planning to mention price of ticket in his check-in status update on Facebook. “I think, that’s the only way I can get likes with some respect.”

Similar is story of Bittu Srivastav, who is going to fly on 1st of April but to get more number of likes, he has decided to do check-in on 31st March. “It’s just a matter of few hours, I can wait,” said Bittu.